Clever Point and Figure Charts 1.10

Clever Point and Figure Charts 1.10


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Improve your stock trading by using the proven method of Point & Figure Charting and Portfolio Performance Tracking.

Point and Figure Charts (sometimes referred to as PnF charts) offer a great way to see the rising and falling trends in a stock and it's resistance and support levels. In addition, PnF charts allow you to easily pinpoint buy and sell points as well as target prices and stop losses.

Clever Point and Figure Charts (this app) will do all the hard work for you by drawing the charts and allowing you to easily analyse opportunities over time.

Clever Point and Figure Charts will help you manage your stocks by:

* Providing Flexible Point and Figure Charting. We have included a wide range of parameters that you can tweak for each stock including the number of boxes in a reversal, the size of the boxes (by %, set amount or standard boxes) and whether to use Close, Adjusted Close or High/Low prices. Each chart is scrollable to let you view all elements irrespective of the chart size.

* Display intuitive Portfolio charts showing how your purchased stocks are performing relative to up to 3 user definable Profit Targets and a Stop Loss.

* Drawing Analysis Lines. Point and Figure charts are excellent for understanding trends, support and resistance lines and good times to buy and sell. The app lets you add multiple horizontal lines and rising or falling trend lines on top of your Point and Figure chart to help with your analysis.

* Latest close price and high/low range indicated on the chart to improve your analysis even further.

* Keeping your Watchlist and Portfolio as a Heat Map. Your stocks are displayed on a auto-scaling heat map. The colours of each stock box is determined by the last change in close price. Click a watchlist stock to view the Point and Figure chart or one from your Portfolio to see the performance chart. Then move backwards or forwards through the charts for all your stocks.

* Worldwide Stock and Index coverage. All data is sourced from Yahoo finance. If Yahoo has historical data for your item of interest, then Clever Point and Figure Charts can chart it. NOTE: it appears that Yahoo no longer support the downloading of FOREX data of the form EURUSD=X etc. As such, you cannot use this app to analyse this type of symbol.

* Full retina support. The charts and text look just beautiful on the new iPad.

Tested to work well with iOS v6.1 and v7.

Clever Point and Figure Charts - helping you to improve your investment results.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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